Personal & Business Protection

If you have family or other financial dependents, protection products can bring peace of mind for you, knowing that your family will be looked after financially should you fall ill or be unable to work. Protection products can also protect your business or be used to cover a debt, such as a mortgage.

We offer a personal service tailored specifically to your individual circumstances. Our advisers will be thorough in their research on your behalf and recommend solutions that offer the most suitable cover for your budget.

Business Protection

Many companies often overlook the need to protect their most valuable assets – their people. Business protection can help to protect your business should a director, partner, member, or key employee suffer a critical illness or die.

The three main types of business protection are:

  • Key person protection – to protect against loss of revenue if a key employee dies or can’t work because they’re critically ill.
  • Ownership protection – (also known as partnership and shareholder protection) to help the other owners keep control of their business if a shareholder dies or is critically ill.
  • Loan protection – to help repay outstanding financial commitments, such as director loan accounts or bank overdrafts, if the worst should happen to a key person or shareholder

Currently, HMRC allows any contributions towards these types of plans to be classed as a business expense, which is offset against taxation.

Personal Protection

We can help find you the right levels of protection against:

  • Short-term or long-term illness
  • Redundancy
  • An accident
  • Serious illness, such as cancer, stroke or heart attack
  • Death (yours, or your partner)
  • Any of the above happening to a tenant in your buy-to-let

We can also review your current protection plans to make sure they are sufficient, or indeed no longer neccesary, for your current situation and stage of life. Protection needs will change through the different stages of your financial life.

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